For the advertiser

How much does it cost to post an advert?
See our full price list here. Any questions, get in touch.
Can I edit my advert?
Yes, just login to your account and you can edit. You can mark the horse as sold, upload new photos or videos.
If the category I want isn't listed, what do I do?
Contact us and we can easily add new categories.
How do I pay for my advert?
We accept payment through the website using credit/debit card
I have a discount code, how do I use it?
If you are lucky enough to get a discount code you can input this when you checkout.
How do I mark my advert as sold?
We recommend marking your advert when sold to stop people contacting you, but also to help the buyers with their search. You just have to login to your account and mark it as sold.

For the user

How do I book facilities and services?
The contact details are provided on the listing to contact the organiser directly.
Can I like/ follow an advert if it catches my eye?
Yes, just click on the heart on the photo. It will then take you to create an account or login, where all your favourites will be saved and easily accessed.


How do I contact you?
Please email us at any time at info@righthoof.co.uk
Do you have any links to Rightmove?
No, we are a completely separate company to Rightmove.

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