RightHoof is a first of it’s kind equestrian platform to help equine enthusiasts discover what is available to them in their chosen location. This might be horses for sale, facilities to hire or professional services to use.

  • For horses for sale, search by category, height, age, price and location. Our map function makes it easy to view horses which meet your criteria to help buyers view multiple horses in one day. Sellers can upload photo’s and videos, and advertise a standard advert for great value starting at £15 for 21 days.
  • For facilities, search the category and by location. You may discover exactly what you’re looking for on your doorstep, or something which is worth travelling too. RightHoof is all about connecting people to their local surroundings, so you can see what is available and for that reason facilities can advertise for FREE.
  • For services, having a directory of professionals and where area they are based is invaluable for both parties. Keeping a horse on the road needs a great team and we want the best to be accessible for all. Services can advertise for as little as £5 a month.

Whatever you need, RightHoof is there for you to ‘Place an advert‘. Please see our full list of options and prices here.

Meet the founders

RightHoof is founded by two keen horse riders who want to bring the equestrian industry into the 21st centaury.

Meet the founder – Emily.

“I’ve evented to CCI2* and have bought all my horses on from green youngsters alongside university and now working full time. I keep my horse at home but we have no facilities, so finding out what is available in my local area is key for me. My main aim for Righthoof is to make people’s life easier by having the map function to easily find what is out there.”

Meet founder – Amy

“Like Emily I also play the ‘full time work and keeping horses’ juggling act which I am sure many of you can relate to.
I have evented up to CCI**** level, raced in point to points, and hunted with most packs that involve jumping big hedges! I preferer a thoroughbred and produce my horses from youngsters or off the race track. I currently have one racehorse and two 5 year olds that keep me busy!
Having moved livery yards 8 times (!) , I wanted to create a platform that connects people to their local area helping them discover
horses for sale or facilities and services on their door step. I found my self travelling the country to find the perfect horse, trainer or arena, only to find what I really need was a few miles away.”

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